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Cover Title Author Imprint Year Shelfmark
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comKierkegaard on art and communication  St Martin's Press1992.B4377 .P2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comAugustine Matthews, Gareth B., 1929-Blackwell Pub2005.B655 .Z7M2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comWhat is this thing called metaphysics? Garrett, Brian, 1961-Routledge Taylor & Francis Group2017.BD111 .G2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comContemporary debates in epistemology  Wiley Blackwell2014.BD161 .S8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe social life of nothing : silence, invisibility and emptiness in tales of lost experience Scott, Susie, 1977-Routledge2019.BD398 .S2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comMeaning in life : an analytic study Metz, ThaddeusOxford University Press2015.BD431 .M3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comMeaning in life and why it matters Wolf, Susan R.Princeton University Press2012.BD431.W6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comA new philosophy of society : assemblage theory and social complexity De Landa, Manuel.Bloomsbury Academic2019.BD450 .D3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comClear bright future : a radical defence of the human being Mason, Paul, 1960-Allen Lane2019.BD450 .M2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comContemporary debates in metaphysics  Blackwell Publishing2008.BD95 .S4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comPsychology Martin, G. Neil.Pearson2018BF121 .C2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe Oxford handbook of expertise  Oxford University Press2019.BF378 .E94W2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe Cambridge handbook of intelligence.  Cambridge University Press2020.BF431 .S8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comShame and guilt Tangney, June Price.Guilford Press2002BF575 .S45T2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comPersonal and professional development for counsellors Wilkins, Paul, 1946-SAGE1997.BF637 .C6W4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comPersonality : theory and research Cervone, DanielJohn Wiley & Sons Inc2019BF698 .C3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comResearch methods in psychology Howitt, DennisPearson Education Limited2020.BF76.5 .H6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comReason and society in the Middle Ages Murray, AlexanderClarendon Press1978CB351 .M8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comA short history of the Middle Ages Rosenwein, Barbara H.University of Toronto Press2018D117 .R6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comPlaying with the past : digital games and the simulation of history  Bloomsbury Academic2013.D16.255 .S5K2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comEarly modern Europe : an Oxford history  Oxford University Press1999D228 .C2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comWar and society : a yearbook of military history : Vol.1. Routledge2016.D25 .B6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comCasanova : Enlightenment philosopher  Voltaire Foundation2016D285.8 .C2G3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comEurope, 1783-1914 Simpson, William 1932- Routledge2000D299 .S4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comBlack London : the imperial metropolis and decolonization in the twentieth century Matera, Marc, 1976-University of California Press2015DA676.9 .B55M2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comProvincial politics and the Pakistan movement : the growth of the Muslim League in North-West and North-East India 1937-47 Talbot, Ian, 1955-Oxford University Press1988.DS432 .M84T2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comFrom Plassey to partition : a history of modern India Bandyopadhyaya, Sekhara.Orient Longman2004.DS479 .B2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comModern India, 1885-1947 Sarkar, Sumit, 1939-Pearson Education India2014DS479 .S2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comNeither gods nor emperors : students and the struggle for democracy in China Calhoun, Craig J., 1952-University of California Press1997DS779.32 .C2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comIs violence inevitable in Africa? : theories of conflict and approaches to conflict prevention  Brill2005.DT30.5 .C4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe scramble for Africa Chamberlain, Muriel Evelyn.Longman2010.DT31.5 .C4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comKenya cowboy : a police officer's account of the Mau Mau emergency in Kenya Hewitt, Peter, 1928-30° South Publishers2008DT433.577 .H3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe Freedmen's Bureau and Reconstruction : reconsiderations  Fordham University Press1999.E185.2 .C4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comFreedwomen and the Freedmen's Bureau : race, gender, and public policy in the age of emancipation Farmer-Kaiser, Mary.Fordham University Press2010.E185.2 .F2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comTerror in the heart of freedom : citizenship, sexual violence, and the meaning of race in the postemancipation South Rosen, Hannah.University of North Carolina Press2009.E185.2 .R6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comAbolition democracy : beyond empire, prisons, and torture Davis, Angela Y. 1944- (Angela Yvonne),Seven Stories Press2005.E185.61 .D2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comHands on the freedom plow : personal accounts by women in SNCC  University of Illinois Press2012.E185.96 .H6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comAfter Appomattox : military occupation and the ends of war Downs, Gregory PHarvard University Press2019E668 .D7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comAmerican resistance : from the Women's March to the blue wave Fisher, Dana, 1971-Columbia University Press[2019]E912 .F4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe ordeal of the longhouse : the peoples of the Iroquois League in the era of European colonization Richter, Daniel K.Published for the Institute of Early American History and Culture Williamsburg Virginia by the University of North Carolina Press1992.E99 .I7R4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comIn search of another country : Mississippi and the conservative counterrevolution Crespino, JosephPrinceton University Press2009.F345 .C7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThere is no Planet B : a handbook for the make or break years Berners-Lee, Mike.Cambridge University Press2019GE195 .B3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comAutoethnography Adams, Tony E.Oxford University Press2015GN307.7 .A2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe dress of the people : everyday fashion in eighteenth-century England Styles, JohnYale University Press2007GT736 .S8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comApproaches to social enquiry Blaikie, Norman W. H., 1933-Polity2007.H61 .B5
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comUnderstanding social research : thinking creatively about method  SAGE2011.H62 .M2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comGrowth modeling : structural equation and multilevel modeling approaches Grimm, Kevin J.Guilford Press2017HA29 .G7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comLongitudinal structural equation modeling Little, Todd D.The Guilford Press2013.HA29 .L4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe statesman's yearbook 2020 : the politics, cultures and economies of the world. Palgrave Macmillan2020.HA42 .S8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comPrinciples of econometrics Hill, R. Carter.Wiley Custom2018HB139 .H4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comSaving capitalism : for the many, not the few Reich, Robert B.Icon Books2017.HB501 .R3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe British constitution resettled : parliamentary sovereignty before and after Brexit McConalogue, JimPalgrave Macmillan2020.HC240.25 .G7M2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comBusiness information systems Beynon-Davies, Paul.Palgrave Macmillan2013.HD30.213 .B3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comGreen to gold : how smart companies use environmental strategy to innovate, create value, and build competitive advantage Esty, Daniel C.Wileyc2009.HD30.255 .E8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comStrategic supply management : principles, theories and practice  Prentice Hall/Financial Times2008.HD30.28 .C6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comQualitative research in marketing and management : doing interpretive research projects Hackley, Christopher E.Routledge2020.HD30.4 .H2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comLogistics and supply chain management Christopher, MartinPearson Education2016HD38.5 .C4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comGigged : the gig economy, the end of the job and the future of work Kessler, SarahRandom House Business Books2018.HD5854.2 .U6K3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comWill the gig economy prevail? Crouch, Colin, 1944-Polity Press2019.HD5857 .C7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe business student's guide to sustainable management : principles and practice  Routledge[2017]HD60 .M6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comStrategic brand management : building, measuring, and managing brand equity. Keller, Kevin Lane, 1956-Pearson Education Limited2020HD69 .B7K3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe new politics of home : housing, gender and care in times of crisis Jupp, Eleanor (Research Associate)Policy Press2019.HD7287 .J8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comWhose housing crisis? : assets and homes in a changing economy Gallent, Nick.Policy Press2019.HD7333 .A3G2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comUnderstanding housing policy Lund, Brian, 1945-Policy Press2017.HD7333 .A3L8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comBusiness ethics : managing corporate citizenship and sustainability in the age of globalization Crane, Andrew, 1968- Oxford University Press2019.HF5387 .C7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comMarketing ethics and society  SAGE2015.HF5415 .E2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comCreating value with big data analytics : making smarter marketing decisions Verhoef, Peter C.Routledge Taylor & Francis Group2016.HF5415.32 .V3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comResearch methods in human resource management : investigating a business issue Anderson, Valerie (Principal lecturer)Kogan Page2020.HF5549 .A6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe impact of ICT on quality of working life  Springer2014.HF5549 .K6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comAccounting and finance : an introduction McLaney, E. J.Pearson2018HF5635 .M2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comFinancial and management accounting : an introduction Weetman, PaulinePearson2019.HF5635 .W3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comAuditing and assurance services : international perspectives Arens, Alvin A.Pearson2019.HF5667 .A7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comBusiness analysis and valuationPalepu, Krishna G., 1954- Cengage Learning2019HF5681 .P2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comReform of the international institutions : the IMF, World Bank and the WTO Coffey, Peter.Edward Elgar2006HG3881 .C6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comHenri Tajfel : explorer of identity and difference Brown, Rupert, 1950-Routledge2020HM1031 .T2B7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe Routledge handbook of memory and place  Routledge2020.HM1033 .D3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comNonviolent struggle : theories, strategies, and dynamics Nepstad, Sharon EricksonOxford University Press2015HM1281 .N3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comCivil resistance : comparative perspectives on nonviolent struggle  University of Minnesota Press2015HM1281 .S2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comUnarmed insurrections : people power movements in nondemocracies Schock, Kurt, 1963-University of Minnesota Press2005.HM1281 .S2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comFrom dictatorship to democracy : a conceptual framework for liberation Sharp, Gene.Serpent's Tail2012.HM1281 .S4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comA theory of nonviolent action : how civil resistance works Vinthagen, StellanZed Books2015.HM1281 .V4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comDamned lies and statistics : untangling numbers from the media, politicians, and activists Best, Joel.University of California Press2012.HM535 .B3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comIntroduction to sociological theory : theorists, concepts, and their applicability to the twenty-first century Dillon, Michele, 1960- John Wiley & Sons Inc2020HM585 .D4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comSociology : inquiries into the construction of social forms.Simmel, Georg, 1858-1918.Brill2009.HM585 .S4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comAnother knowledge is possible : beyond northern epistemologies  Verso2008.HM651 .S2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe end of the cognitive empire : the coming of age of epistemologies of the South Santos, Boaventura de SousaDuke University Press2018.HM651 .S2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe Anthrobscene Parikka, Jussi, 1976-University of Minnesota Press[2014]HM851 .P2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comWhat's the matter with the Internet? Poster, Mark.University of Minnesota Pressc2001.HM851 .P6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comCached : decoding the Internet in global popular culture Schulte, Stephanie Ricker.New York University Press2013.HM851 .S3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comMeeting democracy : power and deliberation in global justice movements  Cambridge University Press2015.HM881 .D3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comWhat is a social movement? Johnston, Hank, 1947-Polity2014.HM881 .J6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe Wiley Blackwell companion to social movements : new and expanded edition  Wiley[2018]HM881 .S6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comProtest politics today Gupta, DevashreePolity Press2017HM883 .G8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe mask and the flag : populism, citizenism and global protest Gerbaudo, Paolo.Hurst & Company2017.HN17.5 .G3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe chivalrous society Duby, Georges.University of California Press1980HN373 .D8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comAccounting for oneself : worth, status, and the social order in early modern England Shepard, Alexandra.Oxford University Press2015.HN400 .S6S4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comSecrecy and silence in the research process : feminist reflections  Routledge2010HQ1180 .R9
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comDisabled mothers : stories and scholarship by and about mothers with disabilities  Demeter Press2014HQ759.912 .F4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comA recent history of lesbian and gay psychology : from homophobia to LGBT Hegarty, Peter (Psychology professor)Routledge2018.HQ76.25 .H3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comEuropean towns : their archaeology and early history  Academic Press for the Council for British Archaeology1977.HT131 .B2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comReadings in urban theory  Wiley-Blackwell2011.HT151 .F2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comRace and racialization : essential readings  Canadian Scholars2018.HT1521 .D2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comNewcomers : gentrification and its discontents Schuerman, Matthew L.The University of Chicago Press2019.HT175 .S2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comWomen rough sleepers in Europe : homelessness and victims of domestic abuse Moss, Kate, 1965-Policy Press2015.HV1444 .M6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comAn Introduction to applying social work theories and methods Teater, BarbraOpen University Press2020.HV40 .T3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe Routledge handbook of critical social work  Routledge Taylor & Francis Group2019.HV40 .W3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comReligion, belief and social work: making a difference Furness, SheilaPolicy Press2010HV530 .F8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comWomen and criminal justice : from the Corston Report to transforming rehabilitation  Policy Press2015.HV6046 .A6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comCriminological perspectives on race and crime Gabbidon, Shaun L., 1967-Routledge2020.HV6191 .G2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe psychology of conspiracy theories Prooijen, Jan-Willem van, 1975-Routledge2018.HV6275 .P7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe hidden lives of Jack the Ripper's victims Hume, Robert, 1955-Pen & Sword History2019.HV6535 .G6H8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comRacial and religious hate crime : the UK from 1945 to Brexit Laverick, WendyPalgrave Macmillan2019.HV6773.55 .G7L2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comSeeing the child in child protection social work Kennedy, SueMacmillan Education2019.HV713 .K3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comCreative ideas for assessing vulnerable children and families Wrench, Katie, 1972-Jessica Kingsley Publishers2018.HV713 .W7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comCultural diversity in child protection : cultural competence in practice Laird, Siobhan Elizabeth.Red Globe Press2019.HV715 .L2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comReducing gun violence in America : informing policy with evidence and analysis  Johns Hopkins University Press2013.HV7436 .W3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe w word : witchcraft labelling and child safeguarding in social work practice Tedam, Prospera.Critical Publishing[2017]HV751 .A6T3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comCrime scene processing and investigation workbook Parish-Fisher, Casie L.CRC Press2020HV8073 .P2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comDeath penalty : in a nutshell Streib, Victor L.West Academic Publishing2017.HV8699 U5S8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comUsing political ideas Goodwin, Barbara.John Wiley and Sons Ltd2014.JA71 .G6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comWhat is political sociology? Clemens, Elisabeth Stephanie, 1958-Polity Press[2016]JA76 .C5
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comPolitical thought in medieval Islam : an introductory outline Rosenthal, Erwin I. J. 1904-1991. (Erwin Isak Jakob),Cambridge University Press2009.JA82 .R6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comDirect action, deliberation, and diffusion : collective action after the WTO protests in Seattle Wood, Lesley J. Cambridge University Press2014.JC328 .W6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comWhy civil resistance works : the strategic logic of nonviolent conflict Chenoweth, Erica, 1980-Columbia University Press2013JC328.3 .C4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comCivil resistance today Schock, Kurt, 1963-Polity2015.JC328.3 .S2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comBreaking laws : violence and civil disobedience in protest Sommier, IsabelleAmsterdam University Press2019JC328.3 .S6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comMapping and measuring deliberation : towards a new deliberative quality Bachtiger, Andre, 1971-Oxford University Press2019.JC423 .B2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comDeepening democracy : institutional innovations in empowered participatory governance Fung, Archon, 1968-Verso2003.JC423 .F8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comEvaluating democratic innovations : curing the democratic malaise?  Routledge2012.JC423 .G3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comAusterity, retrenchment and the welfare state : truth or fiction? Greve, BentEdward Elgar Publishing2020.JC479 .G7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comPower to elect : the case for proportional representation Lakeman, EnidHeinemann1982.JF1071 .L2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comIntelligence in the Cold War : what difference did it make?  Routledge2014.JF1525 .I6H3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comEuropean Union politics Cini, MichelleOxford University Press2019JN30 .C4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe militant suffrage movement : citizenship and resistance in Britain, 1860-1930 Mayhall, Laura E. Nym, 1963-Oxford University Press2003.JN979 .M2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comAfrican parliaments : between governance and government Salih, Mohamed Abdel Rahim M. (Mohamed Abdel Rahim Mohamed)Palgrave Macmillan2005.JQ1870 .S2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comPlanning and transformation : learning from the post-apartheid experience Harrison, Philip, 1964-Routledge2008.JQ1929 .P64H2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe politics of immigration : partisanship, demographic change, and American national identity Wong, Tom K.Oxford University Press2017.JV6483 .W6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comWays of war and peace : realism, liberalism, and socialism Doyle, Michael W., 1948-Norton1997.JX1963 .D6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comInternational relations theories : discipline and diversity  Oxford University Press[2016]JZ1305 .D8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comInternational relations theory : a new introduction Jørgensen, Knud Erik.Palgrave2018.JZ1305 .J6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe trouble with the Congo : local violence and the failure of international peacebuilding Autesserre, Severine, 1976-Cambridge University Press2010.JZ5584 .A8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comKey directions in legal education : national and international perspectives  Routledge2020.K100 .J6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comEveryday justice : law, ethnography, injustice  Cambridge University Press2019.K240 .B7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comFeeling queer jurisprudence : injury, intimacy, identity Raj, Senthorun SunilRoutledge2020.K3242.3 .R2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comGreat debates in medical law and ethics Goold, Imogen.Palgrave2018.K3601 .G6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comCommercial law Baskind, Eric.Oxford University Press2019KD1629 .B2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comUsing the law in social work Johns, RobertSage2017KD3302 .J6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comSubjects and sovereign : bonds of belonging in the eighteenth-century British empire Muller, Hannah Weiss, 1978-Oxford University Press2017KD4050 .M8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comLawyers' skills Webb, Julian S.Oxford University Press2019.KD442 .L42W3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comGunfight : the battle over the right to bear arms in America Winkler, Adam.WW Norton & Company[2013]KF3941 .W4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe law in Nazi Germany : ideology, opportunism, and the perversion of justice  Berghahn Books2013.KK3655 .S8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and its 1967 Protocol : a commentary  Oxford University Press2010.KZ6530 .Z4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comBenefits bestowed'? : education and British imperialism  Routledge2012LA631.7 .M2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe Imperial curriculum : racial images and education in British colonial experience  Routledge2012LA631 .M2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comAcademic life in the measured university : pleasures, paradoxes and politics  Routledge2019.LB2322.2 .P3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comReflective teaching in higher education Ashwin, Paul, 1970-Bloomsbury Academic2020.LB2331 .A8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comWriting the winning thesis or dissertation : a step-by-step guide Joyner, Randy L.Corwin A SAGE Company[2018]LB2369 .J6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comLeading in a culture of change Fullan, MichaelJossey-Bass2020LB2806 .F8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comEducation and development in colonial and postcolonial Africa : policies, paradigms, and entanglements, 1890s-1980s  Palgrave Macmillan2020.LC191.8 .A4M2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comPrivate schooling : tradition, change and diversity  Chapman1991.LC53 .G7W2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comHow to listen to jazz Gioia, TedBasic Books2017.ML3506 .G4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comMusic and discourse : toward a semiology of music Nattiez, Jean JacquesPrinceton University Press1990ML3797 .N2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comOther planets : the complete works of Karlheinz Stockhausen Maconie, RobinRowman & Littlefield2016ML410 .S86M2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comSteve Lacy : conversations  Duke University Press2006.ML419 .L2W3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comModern MIDI : sequencing and performing using traditional and mobile tools McGuire, Sam.Routledge2020.MT723 .M2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comAnime from Akira to Howl's moving castle : experiencing contemporary Japanese animation Napier, Susan JolliffeSt Martin's Griffin2005.NC1766 .J3N2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comA study of A.G. Richardson & Co., Ltd.'s Crown Ducal ware, 1915-1940 Shaw, Gerrard GPS Publishing2015.NK4087 .S7R42S4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe Oxford handbook of taboo words and language  Oxford University Press2019.P305.18 .T33A5
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe works of Gwerful Mechain Gwerful Mechain, active 1462-1500Broadview Press2018PB2273 .G9A2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe African imagination : literature in Africa & the Black diaspora Irele, Abiola.Oxford University Press2001.PL8010 .I7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comCritical perspectives on postcolonial African children's and young adult literature  Greenwood Press1998.PL8010 .K4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe handbook of journalism studies  Routledge2018.PN4724 .W2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comCitizen media and practice : currents, connections, challenges  Routledge2020.PN4784 .C615S8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comCultural memory and Western civilization : functions, media, archives Assmann, Aleida.Cambridge University Press2011.PN704 .A5
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe critical tradition : classic texts and contemporary trends  Bedford/St Martin's2007.PN81 .R4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comSchool days Chamoiseau, PatrickUniversity of Nebraska Press1997.PQ3949.2 .C45S2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comWomen's prophetic writings in seventeenth-century Britain Font, CarmeRoutledge2017.PR111 .F6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe dome of uryne : a reading edition of nine Middle English uroscopies Tavormina, M. Teresa 1951- (Mary Teresa),Oxford University Press2019.PR1119 .A2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comShakespeare, revenge tragedy and early modern law : vindictive justice Dunne, Derek, 1983- Palgrave Macmillan2016.PR3028 .D8
 The James Bond dossier.Amis, Kingsley.New American Library1967PR6056 .L3Z5A5
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comAt last St. Aubyn, Edward, 1960-Picador2012.PR6069 .T2A8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comBad news St. Aubyn, Edward, 1960-Picador2012.PR6069 .T2B2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comMother's milk St. Aubyn, Edward, 1960-Picador2012.PR6069 .T2M6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comNever mind St. Aubyn, Edward, 1960-Picador2012.PR6069 .T2N3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comSome hope : a trilogy St. Aubyn, Edward, 1960-Picador2012.PR6069 .T2S6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comBrainwashing : the fictions of mind control : a study of novels and films since World War II Seed, David.Kent State University Press2004.PR888 .B72S3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe age of innocence : authoritative text, background and contexts, sources, criticism Wharton, Edith, 1862-1937.Norton2002.PS3162 .A3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comDiane di Prima : visionary poetics and the hidden religions Calonne, David Stephen, 1953-Bloomsbury Academic2019.PS3507 .I68C2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comInterpreter of maladies : stories Lahiri, Jhumpa.4th Estate2019PS3562 .A42I6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe accidental tourist Tyler, Anne, 1941-Vintage1995.PS3570 .T9
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comProbability and statistical inference Hogg, Robert V.Pearson2018.QA273 .H6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comNaked statistics : stripping the dread from the data Wheelan, Charles J.WW Norton2014.QA276 .W4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comDiscovering statistics using R Field, Andy P.SAGE2012.QA276.45 .R3F4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comCalculus : single and multivariable  Wiley Blackwell2019QA303.2 .H8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comFoundation maths Croft, Tony, 1957-Pearson2020.QA37.3 .C7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comInteraction design : beyond human-computer interaction Rogers, YvonneJohn Wiley and Sons2019.QA76.9 .H85R6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comUniversity astronomy Pasachoff, Jay M.Saunders1978.QB43.2 .P2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comAn introduction to radio astronomy.Burke, Bernard F., 1928-Cambridge University Press2019.QB476.5 .B8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe physics of low-dimensional semiconductors : an introduction Davies, J. H. (John H.)Cambridge University Press1998.QC611.8 .L68D2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comUS climate change policy Bailey, Christopher J.Ashgate2015QC903.2 .U6B2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comQuantitative chemical analysis Harris, Daniel C., 1948-W H Freeman and Company2020.QD101.2 .H2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe geologic time scale 2012  Elsevier2012.QE508 .O3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comPolar lakes and rivers : limnology of Arctic and Antarctic aquatic ecosystems  Oxford University Press2008QH84.1 .V4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comEcological and environmental physiology of insects Harrison, Jon F.Oxford University Press2012.QL495 .H2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comMoore's essential clinical anatomy Moore, Keith L.Wolters Kluwer2019QM23.2 .M6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comNeuroanatomy : draw it to know it Fisch, AdamOxford University Press2017.QM451 .F4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comHuman metabolism : a regulatory perspective Frayn, K. N. (Keith N.)Wiley-Blackwell2019QP171 .F7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comNeurophysiology: a conceptual approach Carpenter, R. H. S. 1945- (Roger H. S.),Hodder Arnold2012.QP355.2 .C2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comMedical neurobiology Mason, Peggy (Neurobiologist)Oxford University Press2017QP355.2 .M2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comMCQs and EMQs in human physiology : with answers and explanatory comments Roddie, Ian C.Arnold2004QP40 .R6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comGut microbiota : interactive effects on nutrition and health Ishiguro, EdwardAcademic Press an imprint of Elsevier2018.QR171 .G29I8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comInfection and immunity Playfair, J. H. L.Oxford University Press2012QR181 .P5
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comRadiology fundamentals : introduction to imaging & technology  Springer2020.R895 .K4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe social determinants of health : looking upstream Ratcliff, Kathryn Strother, 1944-Polity2017RA418 .R2
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