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Cover Title Author Imprint Year Shelfmark
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comPhilosophy as it is Allen Lane1979B29 .H6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comConsciousness and fundamental reality Goff, PhilipOxford University Press2017B808.9 .G6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe case for humanism ; an introduction Vaughn, LewisRowman & Littlefield2003B821 .V2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comNegative dialectics Adorno, TheodorRoutledge1973BD111 .A2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comPsychology Martin, G. NeilPearson2013BF121 .C2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comWitches and neighbours : the social and cultural context of European witchcraft Briggs, RobinBlackwell2002BF1584 .E8B7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comDetection theory: a user's guideMacmillan, Neil A.Lawrence Erlbaum2004BF237 .M2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comEcotherapy in practice: a Buddhist model Brazier, CarolineRoutledge2017BF353 .B7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe SAGE handbook of counselling and psychotherapy SAGE2017BF637 .C6F3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comNext steps in counselling practice : a students' companion for degrees, HE diplomas and vocational courses Sanders, PetePCCS2009BF637 .C6F7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comPsychodynamic counselling in action Jacobs, MichaelSAGE2017BF637 .C6J2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comStep in to study counselling : a students' guide to learning counselling and tackling course assignments Sanders, Pete, 1951-PCCS2003BF637 .C6S2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comBorn to rebel : birth order, family dynamics, and creative lives Sulloway, Frank J.Abacus1998BF723 .B5S8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comUnderstanding working memory Alloway, Tracy PackiamSAGE2015BF723 .M4A5
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comResearch methods in psychology Howitt, Dennis.Pearson Education2017BF76.5 .H6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comYour psychology project handbook : becoming a researcher Wood, Clare PatriciaPearson Education2012BF76.5 .W6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comScience and religion : a very short introduction Dixon, Thomas (Thomas M.)Oxford University Press Inc2008BL240.3 .D4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe night battles : witchcraft and agrarian cults in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries Ginzburg, CarloThe Johns Hopkins University Press2013BL980 .I8G4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comMissionaries, rebellion and proto-nationalism : James Long of Bengal Oddie, Geoffrey A., 1932-Routledge2016BV3269 .L6O3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comInquisition and medieval society : power, discipline, and resistance in Languedoc Given, James Buchanan.Cornell University Press2001BX1712 .G4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comDebating the saints' cult in the age of Gregory the Great Dal Santo, Matthew.Oxford University Press2012BX2333 .D2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe monastic order in England : a history of its development from the times of St Dunstan to the Fourth Lateran Council, 940-1216 Knowles, DavidCambridge University Press2004BX2592 .K6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comA short history of progress Wright, RonaldCanongate2006CB151 .W7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comOrientalism Said, Edward W.Penguin2003CB251 .S2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe British monarchy on screen Manchester University Press2016CS418 .M3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comFamous women of North Staffordshire Pilling, Pat.Churnet Valley1999CT785 .S7P4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comA practical guide to studying history : skills and approaches Bloomsbury Academic2017D16 .L6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comWriting history : a guide for students Storey, William KelleherOxford University Press2016D16 .S8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comConsuming history : historians and heritage in contemporary popular culture De Groot, Jerome, 1975-Routledge Taylor & Francis Group2016D16.163 .D3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comStudying history Black, Jeremy, 1955-Palgrave Macmillan2016D16.2 .B5
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comA student's guide to history Benjamin, Jules R.Bedford St Martin's2016D16.3 .B3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comA companion to nineteenth-century Europe : 1789-1914 Wiley-Blackwell2009D299 .B3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe making of the Second World War Adamthwaite, Anthony P.Routledge2011D741 .A2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe making of the second cold war Halliday, FredVerso1986D843 .H2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comAfflicted powers : capital and spectacle in a new age of war RETORT (Organization : San Francisco, Calif.)Verso2005D860 .R3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe Commonwealth experience.Mansergh, NicholasMacmillan1982DA16 .M2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comDigging for Richard III : how archaeology found the king Pitts, Michael W.Thames & Hudson2015DA260 .P4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comRichard III Ross, Charles, 1924-1986.Yale University Press1999DA260 .R6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comEnglish journey Priestley, J. B. 1894-1984. (John Boynton),Great Northern Books2009DA630 .P7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comNorthumbria 500-1100 : creation and destruction of a kingdom Rollason, D. W. (David W.)Cambridge University Press2003DA670 .N8R6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe Victorian soldier in Africa Spiers, Edward M.Manchester University Press2013DA68 .S7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comCommemoration and oblivion in Royalist print culture, 1658-1667 Peters, ErinPalgrave Macmillan2017DA681 .P3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe Duke of Queensberry and the union of Scotland and England ; James Douglas and the Act of Union of 1707 McKay, CollinsCambria Press2008DA804.1. Q44M2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comScottish Presbyterians and the Act of Union 1707 Stephen, JeffreyEdinburgh University Pressc2007.DA807 .S8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comBritain and colonial maritime war in the early eighteenth century : silver, seapower and the Atlantic Satsuma, ShinsukeThe Boydell Press2013DA87 .S2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comMontaillou : Cathars and Catholics in a French village 1294-1324 Le Roy Ladurie, Emmanuel.Penguin1990DC801 .M7L3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comA history of Germany, 1918-2014 : the divided nation Fulbrook, Mary, 1951-Wiley Blackwell2015DD240 .F8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe Weimar Republic sourcebook University of California Press1995DD240 .K2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comWeimar : why did German democracy fail? Weidenfeld and Nicolsonc1990.DD240 .K3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comBritain and Suez : the lion's last roar Manchester University Press1996DT107.83 .L8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comLivingstone Jeal, TimYale University Press2013DT1110 .L58J3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comNamibia under South African rule : mobility & containment, 1915-46 James Currey1998DT1625 .H2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comAmerican civilization : an introduction Mauk, DavidRoutledge2017E169.1 .M2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comBetween the world and me Coates, Ta-NehisiText Publishing2015E185.615 .C6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comPlaying the race card : melodramas of black and white from Uncle Tom to O.J. Simpson Williams, Linda, 1946-Princeton University Press2002E185.625 .W4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe collected writings of Samson Occom, Mohegan : leadership and literature in eighteenth-century Native America Occom, Samson, 1723-1792.Oxford University Press2006E99 .M83B7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comHaitian revolution : a history from beginning to endCreatespace2016F1923 .H2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comMasters of all they surveyed : exploration, geography, and a British El Dorado Burnett, D. GrahamUniversity of Chicago Press2000GA718.7 .B8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe vulnerable planet : a short economic history of the environment Foster, John BellamyMonthly Review Press1999GE140 .F6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comTaking sides.Easton, Thomas A.McGraw-Hill Education Create2016GE170 .E2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comUnderstanding and applying medical anthropology : biosocial and cultural approaches Routledge2016GN296 .B7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comReinventing Africa : matriarchy, religion, and culture Amadiume, IfiZed Books1997GN645 .A5
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe good research guide : for small-scale social research projects Denscombe, MartynOpen University Press2017H61 .D3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comLogics of critical explanation in social and political theory Glynos, JasonRoutledge2007H61 .G5
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comStata for the behavioral sciences Mitchell, Michael N.Stata Press2015H61.3 .M4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comSocial research methods Bryman, AlanOxford University Press2015H62 .B7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe Sage handbook of qualitative research Sage2017H62 .D3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comDoing research in the real world Gray, David EdwardSAGE2014H62 .G7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comQuantitative research methods for social work; making social work count Teater, BarbraPalgrave Macmillan2017H62 .T3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comAn inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations : a selected edition Smith, AdamOxford University Press2008HB161 .S5
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comMicroeconomics : theory and applications with calculus Perloff, Jeffrey M.Pearson2017HB171.5 .P3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comEnd this depression now Krugman, Paul R.WW Norton & Co2013HB3743 .K7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe economics of inequality Piketty, Thomas, 1971-The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press2015HB523 .P4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comAnimal spirits : how human psychology drives the economy, and why it matters for global capitalism Akerlof, GeorgePrinceton University Press2010HB74 .P8A4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comHow to change the world : tales of Marx and Marxism Hobsbawm, Eric JohnAbacus2012HB97.5 .H6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comAn economic history of twentieth-century Europe; economic regimes from laissez-faire to globalization Berend, Iván T.Cambridge University Press2016HC240 .B3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comBorders, identities, communities : the road to reconciliation and partnership in Central and Eastern Europe / edited by Nicolae Păun and Sylvain SchirmannNomos Verlagsgesellschaft2016HC240 .E8P2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comGoverning Europe in a globalizing world : neoliberalism and its alternatives following the 1973 oil crisis Warlouzet, LaurentRoutledge2017HC240 .W2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comBreadline Britain : the rise of mass poverty Lansley, StewartOneworld Publications2015HC260 .P6L2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe global minotaur : America, Europe, and the future of the global economy Varoufakis, Yanis.Zed Books2013HC59 .15 .V2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comInternational development : issues and challenges Kingsbury, DamienPalgrave[2016]HC59.7 .K4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comInequality : what can be done? Atkinson, A. B.Harvard University Press2015HC79. I5A8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comIntroducing natural resources Park, R. G. (R. Graham)Dunedin Academic Press2016HC85 .P2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comEmerging economy MNEs : exploring the integration of knowledge transfer and strategy for sustainable performance Ogendo, Joan LilianPalgrave Macmillan2017HD2932 .O3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comBusiness research projects Jankowicz, A.D., 1946-Cengage Learning2005HD30.4 .J2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe philosophy of management research Tsang, Eric W.K.Routledge2017HD30.4 .T8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe leadership challenge : how to make extraordinary things happen in organizations Kouzes, James M., 1945- John Wiley & Sons Inc2017HD57.7 .K6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comA very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about studying organizations Grey, ChristopherSage Pub2017HD58.7 .G7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comIntroducing organizational behaviour and management Cengage Learning2017HD58.7 .K6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comQuality : a critical introduction Beckford, John L.W. Routledge Taylor & Francis Group2017HD62.15 .B3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comNavigating global business : a cultural compass Ronen, Simcha, 1935-Cambridge University Press2017HD62.4 .R6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comManagement across cultures ; developing global competencies Steers, Richard M.Cambridge University Press2016HD62.4 .S8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comBrilliant graduate career handbook Done, JudithPearson2016HD6277 .D6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comManaging in developing countries Punnett, Betty JaneRoutledge2017HD70 .D44P8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe critically reflective practitioner Thompson, SuePalgrave Macmillan2008HD8038.A1T4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comChavs : the demonization of the working class Jones, Owen PeterVerso2016HD8391 .J6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comChinese labour in the global economy : capitalist exploitation and strategies of resistance Routledge2017HD8736.5 .B4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe Blue Mutiny : the Indigo Disturbances in Bengal, 1859-1862 Kling, Blair B.University of Pennsylvania Press1966HD9019 .I32K5
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comEmpire of cotton : a new history of global capitalism Beckert, SvenPenguin2015HD9870.5 .B3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comContemporary issues in marketing and consumer behaviour Parsons, ElizabethRoutledge2017HF5415.13 .P2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comConsumer behavior : buying, having, and being Solomon, Michael R.Pearson Education2017HF5415.32 .S6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe global human resource management casebook Routledge2017HF5549 .C4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comStrategic human resource management : an international perspective SAGE2017HF5549 .R3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comResourcing and talent management Taylor, Stephen, 1965-Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development2014HF5549 .T2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comAccounting for business Scott, PeterOxford University Press2016HF5636 .S2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe advertising concept book : think now, design later : a complete guide to creative ideas, strategies and campaigns Barry, Pete S.Thames & Hudson2016HF5823 .B2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comCorporate finance : theory and practice Lumby,StephenCengage Learning2015HG4026 .L8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comModern portfolio theory and investment analysis Elton, Edwin J.Wiley2017HG4529.5 .E5
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comMedia, culture and society : an introduction Hodkinson, PaulSage Ltd2017HM258 .H6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comSocial theory for beginners Ransome, PaulPolicy Press2010HM447 .R2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comKey sociological thinkers Palgrave Macmillan2017HM51 .S8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comOrganizing identity : persons and organizations 'after theory' Du Gay, PaulSage2007HM548 .D8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comSocial media in social work education Critical Publishing2014HM742 .W3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comIdentity : sociological perspectives Lawler, StephPolity2014HM753 .L2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comUndoing privilege : unearned advantage in a divided world Pease, BobZed Books Limited2010HM821 .P3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comRethinking old age : theorising the fourth age Higgs, PaulPalgrave Macmillan2015HQ1061 .H4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comKey concepts in social gerontology Phillips, Judith E.SAGE2010HQ1061 .P4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comUndoing genderButler, JudithRoutledge2004HQ1075 .B8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comBodies that matter : on the discursive limits of "sex" Butler, JudithRoutledge2011HQ1190 .B8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe Ann Oakley reader : gender, women and social science Oakley, AnnPolicy Press2005HQ1206 .O2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comA sociology of family life : change and diversity in intimate relations Chambers, DeborahPolity Press2012HQ503 .C4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comTransnational LGBT activism : working for sexual rights worldwide Thoreson, Ryan Richard, 1984-University of Minnesota Press2014HQ76.5 .T4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comTransgender and intersex : theoretical, practical, and artistic perspectives Palgrave Macmillan2016HQ77.9 .H6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe transgender studies reader Routledge2006HQ77.9 .S8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comYouthquake : the growth of a counter-culture through two decades Leech, Kenneth, 1939-2015.Littlefield Adams1977HQ796 .L3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comSons of the empire : the Frontier and The Boy Scout movement, 1890-1918 MacDonald, Robert H.University of Toronto Press1993HS3312 .M2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe character factory : Baden-Powell and the origins of the boy scout movement Rosenthal, MichaelCollins1986HS3316 .G7R6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe Indian slave trade : the rise of the English empire in the American South, 1670-1717 Gallay, Alan, 1957-Yale University Pressc2002HT1162 .G2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comRacism.Miles, Robert, 1950-Routledge2003HT1521 .M4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comValues and ethics in social work Beckett, Chris, 1955-SAGE2017HV10.5 .B3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comSkills for social work practice Davies, Keith, 1955-Palgrave2016HV10.5 .D2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comDeveloping resilience for social work practice Grant, Louise, 1964-Palgrave Macmillan2014HV10.5 .G7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comSocial work values and ethics Reamer, Frederic G., 1953-Columbia University Press2013HV10.5 .R3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comLearning and teaching in social work practiceBeverley, AudreyPalgrave2007HV11 .B3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comLearning, practice and assessment : signposting the portfolio Doel, MarkJessica Kingsley2002HV11 .D6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comSupporting struggling students on placement : a practical guide Finch, JoPolicy Press2017HV11 .F4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comSocial work, critical reflection, and the learning organization Ashgate2004HV11 .G6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comObservation and its application to social work : rather like breathing Jessica Kingsley Publishers1998HV11 .L3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comTheory and practice : a straightforward guide for social work students Maclean, SiobhanKirwin Maclean Associates Ltd2015HV11 .M2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comPractice education in social work : a handbook for practice teachers, assessors and educators Walker, JanetLearning Matters2008HV11 .W2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comPractice teaching : changing social work Jessica Kingsley Publishers1998HV11.7 .L2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comPractice learning in social work Burton, Jennifer, 1968-Palgrave Macmillan2016HV11.8 .G7B8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comSocial work practice with older people : a positive person-centred approach Lynch, RorySAGE2014HV1451 .L9
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comSocial work, poverty and social exclusion Backwith, DaveOpen University Press2015HV245 .B2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comPersonalisation Beresford, PeterPolicy Press2014HV245 .B3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comSocial care, service users and user involvement Jessica Kingsley Publishers2012HV245 .B3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comMastering communication in social work : from understanding to doing Gast, Linda Eileen, 1954- Jessica Kingsley Publishers2014HV29.7 .G2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comPalliative care, social work, and service users : making life possible Beresford, Peter.Jessica Kingsley Publishers2007HV3000 .B3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comUnderstanding social work practice in mental health Coppock, Vicki.SAGE2010HV3004 .C6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comSafeguarding adults : scamming and mental capacity Fenge, Lee-Ann.Sage2017HV3004 .F3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comSocial work with people with learning difficulties : making a difference Hunter, SusanPolicy Press2015HV3008 .G7H8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comAnti-racist social work Dominelli, LenaPalgrave Macmillan2017HV3176 .D6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comPractising social work in a complex world Palgrave Macmillan2009HV40 .A2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comPractice placement in social work; innovative approaches for effective teaching and learning Policy Press2016HV40 .B3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comObservation in health and social care : applications for learning, research and practice with children and adults Jessica Kingsley Publishers2017HV40 .H4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comSocial work practice placements : critical and reflective approaches Jones, SueSAGE Learning Matters2015HV40 .J6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comSocial work : an introduction SAGE Publications Ltd2014HV40 .L4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comAssessment in social work Milner, JudithPalgrave Macmillan2015HV40 .M4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comEffective observation in social work practice Sage Publications2014HV40 .O5
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comContemporary social work practice : a handbook for students McGraw-Hill Open University Press2014HV40 .T3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comDoing radical social work Turbett, ColinPalgrave Macmillan2014HV40 .T8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe social work supervisor : supervision in community, day care, and residential settings Brown, Allan G.Open University Press1996HV40.54 .B7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comResilience and personal effectiveness for social workers Greer, Jim Sage Publications Ltd2016HV41 .G7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comEthical decisions for social work practice.Dolgoff, Ralph.Thomson Brooks Cole2012HV43 .D6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comPsychosocial and relationship-based practice Megele, Claudia.Critical Publishing2015HV43 .M3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comDecision making, assessment and risk in social work Taylor, Brian J. Sage2017HV43 .T2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comChina's next strategic advantage : from imitation to innovation Yip, George S.MIT Press2016HV430 .T4Y4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comMad about wildlife : looking at social conflict over wildlife Brill2005HV4708 .H3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comUnderstanding substance use : policy and practice Arnull, ElaineCritical Publishing Ltd2014HV5825 .A7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe Routledge companion to criminological theory and concepts Routledge2017HV6018 .B7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comReflexivity in criminological research : experiences with the powerful and the powerless Palgrave Macmillan2014HV6024.5 .L8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comSafeguarding adults under the Care Act 2014 : understanding good practice Jessica Kingsley2017HV6250.3 .C6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comCounter-terrorism and state political violence : the 'war on terror' as terror Routledge2013HV6431 .P6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comViolent sensations : sex, crime, and utopia in Vienna and Berlin, 1860-1914 Spector, Scott, 1959- The University of Chicago Press2016HV6593 .E8S7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comHandbook of research on counterfeiting and illicit trade Edward Elgar Pub2017HV6675 .C4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comWhite-collar offenders and desistance from crime : future selves and the constancy of change Hunter, Benjamin WilliamRoutledge Taylor & Francis Group2015HV6768 .H8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comDigital crime and digital terrorism Taylor, Robert W.Pearson2015HV6773 .T2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comCrime in England, 1688-1815 Cox, David J.Routledge2015HV6943 .C6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comBeyond the risk paradigm in child protection Palgrave2017HV713 .C6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comWorking ethically in child protection Lonne, BobRoutledge2016HV713 .L6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comChild-centred practice; a handbook for social work Race, TraceyPalgrave Macmillan2017HV713 .R2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comCritical social work with children and families : theory, context and practice Rogowski, Steve.Policy2013HV713 .R6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comProactive child protection and social work Davies, LizLearning Matters2016HV751 .A6D2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comDomestic violence and protecting children : new thinking and approaches Jessica Kingsley Publishers2015HV751 .A6S8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comEthics and the practice of forensic science Bowen, Robin T.CRC Press2017HV8073 .B6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comVictorian convicts : 100 criminal lives Johnston, Helen, 1975-Pen & Sword True Crime2016HV8665 .J6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comWhy punish? : an introduction to the philosophy of punishment Canton, RobertPalgrave Macmillan2017HV8675 .C2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comCarceral spatiality : dialogues between geography and criminology Palgrave Macmillan2017HV8705 .M6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comUnfaithful angels : how social work has abandoned its mission Specht, HarryFree Press1995HV91 .S7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comPenal systems : a comparative approach Cavadino, MichaelSAGE2006HV9647 .C2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe communist horizon Dean, Jodi, 1962-Verso2012HX45 .D3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe signature of power : sovereignty, governmentality and biopolitics Dean, Mitchell, 1955- SAGE2013JC330 .D3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comWhat is populism? Müller, Jan-Werner, 1970-University of Pennsylvania Press2016JC423 .M8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comHuman rights Freeman, Michael, 1936- Polity Press2017JC571 .F7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comMaking rights claims : a practice of democratic citizenship Zivi, KarenOxford University Press2011JC571 .Z4
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comAmerican neoconservatism : the politics and culture of a reactionary idealism Drolet, Jean-FrançoisHurstc2011.JC573.2 .U6D7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comIllusions of security : global surveillance and democracy in the post-9 11 world Webb, Maureen.City Lights Books2007JC599 .U5W3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comPolitics in the developing world Oxford University Press2014JF60 .B8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comFree soil, free labor, free men : the ideology of the Republican Party before the Civil War Foner, EricOxford University Press1995JK2356 .F6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comFixing the spy machine : preparing American intelligence for the twenty-first century Hulnick, Arthur S., 1935-Praeger1999JK468 .I6H8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comPolitical change in Britain ; forces shaping electoral choice Butler, David Henry EdgeworthPenguin Books1971JN1121 .B8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comPopulism in Europe and the Americas : threat or corrective for democracy? Cambridge University Press2013JN40 .M8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe European mainstream and the populist radical right Routledge2017JN74 .A2O2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comElections and voters in Britain Denver, D. T.Palgrave Macmillan2012JN956 .D3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comTowards corporeal cosmopolitanism : performing decolonial solidarities Raghavan, AnjanaRowman & Littlefield International Ltd2017JZ1308 .R2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comInternational and comparative secured transactions law ; essays in honour of Roderick A. Macdonald Bazinas, Spiros V.Hart Publishing2017K1100 .B2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comLaw society : origins, interactions, and change Sutton, John, 1949-Pine Forge Press2001K370 .S8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comCausing psychiatric and emotional harm : reshaping the boundaries of legal liability Teff, Harvey.Hart Publishing2009K925 .T3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comHolyoak and Torremans intellectual property law Torremans, Paul.Oxford University Press2016KD1269 .T6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comContract law McKendrick, EwanPalgrave2017KD1554 .M2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comCritical issues in social work law Palgrave2017KD3302 .B7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comSocial work law Brammer, AlisonPearson Education Limited2015KD3302 .B7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comPractising social work law Braye, SuzyPalgrave2016KD3302 .S6B7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comMedicine, patients and the law Brazier, MargaretManchester University Press2016KD3395 .B7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comCare Act 2014 : an A-Z of law and practice Mandelstam, Michael, 1956- Jessica Kingsley Publishers2017KD3395 .M2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comLegislation at Westminster : parliamentary actors and influence in the making of British law Russell, MegOxford University Press2017KD4354 .R8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comTaxation : Finance Act 2016 Melville, Alan Pearson2017KD5359.6 .M3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comDepression : law and ethics Foster, CharlesOxford University Press2017KD737 .F6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comExcusing crime Horder, Jeremy.Oxford University Press2004KD7896 .H6
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comMurder and the reasonable man : passion and fear in the criminal courtroom Lee, Cynthia, 1961-New York University Press2007KF9246 .L3
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comEU law : text, cases, and materials Craig, Paul P.Oxford University Press2015KJE945 .A7C7
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comDie Integrationswirkung von Grundrechten in der Europäischen Gemeinschaft; die Rolle der Gemeinschaftsgrundrechte bei der Verwirklichung der Grundfreiheiten und des allgemeinen Freizügigkeitsrechts Papp, Konstanze VonNomos Verlagsgesellschaft2007KJE947 .P2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comApplying theory to educational research : an introductory approach with case studies Wiley-Blackwell2012LB1028 .A2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comE-learning skills Clarke, Alan, 1952-Palgrave Macmillan2008LB1044.87 .C5
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comLearning theories simplified : ...and how to apply them to teaching Bates, BobSAGE Publications2016LB1060 .B2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comThe hidden lives of learners Nuthall, GrahamNZCER Press2007LB1060 .N8
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comCambridge IELTS 12 : academic, with answers. Authentic examination papersCambridge University Press2017LB1631.5 .C2
Images courtesy of Syndetics.comHow to write your undergraduate dissertation Greetham, BryanPalgrave Macmillan2014LB2369 .G7
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